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Mozilla Stories - 2015

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To be fully honest, It's really painful for me to brag about my contributions. It would be an over-statement to call me a humble person. In my opinion, The whole idea of giving back to the community should be an normal reflex of every software developer.

The open-source philoshophy has a special place in my heart. A lot of things in my life wouldn't be possible without support and open-minds of so many wonderful people.

Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart.

I decided to sum up my latest activities (related to the opensource) and move on to the next chapter of this story.

  • (Almost) All of my commits during the last year (at the github of course) were related to the projects provided by Mozilla.
  • I've learned a good share of Golang and contributed to Heka the stream processing pipeline.
  • Together with The Pontoon dev-team we handled migration of l10n projects from The Verbatim to The Pontoon.
  • I was mentioned during the Extravaganza - October 2015.
  • I received a T-Shirt and a Mug from Mozilla. All thanks are going to Mathjazz :)
  • I was active at #pontoon irc channel.
  • I was participating in The #Hacktoberfest.
  • I was splendid. I still can't believe it.

My next goal is to move The Pontoon forward and create some tools that will improve l10n/i18n community or the web in general. 2016 is still so young. sky is the limit.

Go Mozilla!

Hello again

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I want to improve my fluency in English, that’s why I’ll commit this blasphemy. To all native and non-native speakers - please forgive me.

I work as a programmer, devops or just a jack of all trades at a company called Clearcode. In my free-time I try to give something back to the world. I’m trying to have a give and take relationship with open-source. I love to help people via code and fixing issues via github.

Who am I? My name is Jarek, I’m a 30 years old polyglot programmer from Poland. As a cynical and introvertical person, i’m workaholic who is trying to fight against his own obesity. Fortunately I share my struggles with the most surprising woman in my life. We’re living together in a wonderful place called The Town of Hundred Bridges - Wrocław.

However as a totally (contradicted) introvertic person, i hate social gatherings and over-sized teams.

Two years ago I started to commit contributions in various projects for Mozilla community trying to make the web a little better place. I’ve worked during this time with pretty amazing people, i’ll try to mention a few of them:

Automation/Testing team: Dave Hunt, Henrik Skupin Stream processing engine called Heka: Mike Trinkala and Rob Miller Pontoon project: Mike Kelly and Matjaž Horvat

Thank you guys, you gave me so much of your time and patience during your mentorship. I can’t even express how much grateful I am. Mozilla somehow manages to keep a friendly community together. It’s truly unique.

I still feel that is just the beginning of my journey, there’s still so much stuff to do.

As a simple craftsman I try to make something good for his community.

Thanks for your time and have a good night!

//EDIT: Daniel you’re awesome! Thank you for everything.